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Classification of Book Lovers and Other Readers

Which book species are you?  An infographic over on wants to help you find out.

Happy reading!


The DNA of a Successful Book

The DNA of a Successful Book InfographicFound on visual.y

The Psychology of Abandonment (Goodreads)

What Makes You Put Down a Book? We tried to find out!Found originally via Pinterest
(I myself am usually a finisher no matter what!  Though I did abandon The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo after one chapter…)

13 Writing Lessons from Stephen King’s On Writing

Found via Pinterest, original post here.

What Kind of Reader Are You? (Wattpad)

What kind of reader are you?

First, I found myself labeled “the realist.”  Given how all of the other reader types seemed much more interesting, I tried again and got “the speed reader.”  Was really hoping for the adventurist–but quizzes like these are famous for their razor-sharp accuracy, so I suppose there is no point in arguing.

Pixar’s 22 Rules for Phenomenal Storytelling

Initially found via Pinterest, from

Which Book Should You Read Next?

Just replace “Summer” with “Fall”–and head over to for some recommendations!

Count Of Monte Cristo

The Count of Monte Cristo (Illustrated)

What You Need to Write a Novel

What You Need to Write a Novel

Originally found via Pinterest, on Amanda Patterson‘s lovely site.