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New Website


Welcome! Big announcement to make: I’ve made the move over to, where all future posts will be published (you can still find archives either here or on the new site).  Thanks for stopping by!
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Stolen Now Available

December 22nd has arrived!  Which, besides exciting holidays and a lurking 2014, also means that Stolen has now been published across all retailers.

Thank you again to everyone who has followed along–it’s been great sharing this story with you, and I’m looking forward to many more to come.

Available on AmazonB&NAppleKoboSmashwords, and Sony

Next week, I’ll be sharing a new schedule for an upcoming project that I’m very excited about–but until then, happy holidays!

Cover Reveal for Stolen

Good morning!  Lots of interesting book news recently.  First, Amazon announced it was offering a way for independent bookstores to partner with it through a new program, Amazon Source.  Not surprisingly, any whiff of Amazon expansion has ruffled a few feathers, though others say that it’s worth considering.  Publishing consultant Mike Shatzkin spoke to Digital Book World and said that publishers don’t need startups (right now)–they can instead adopt a wait-and-see approach.  And NaNoWriMo sparks discussions about hobbyists vs. professionals over on Kris Rusch’s fantastic blog.

Today, though, I wanted to share the final cover for Stolen with you:

Stolen Professional 200x300(Design by LFD Designs for Authors)

Just a little over a month now until publication!  As a reminder, on that day (December 22nd), the story will no longer be available on this blog or on Wattpad.

The first chapter is currently available for download on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.  Thank you to everyone who has written to me about the work; it’s lovely hearing from you!

New Releases!

As we approach the halfway point for Stolen, I’m excited to share two other works that are now available, a novella called Wolf and a full-length novel, Lucy Silver and the Gold Key:



“It was dark. He had pulled the curtain over the window, like usual, to keep out the light of the moon. Still he could feel it pulsing behind the thick layers of fabric, like water backing up at a dam, ready to explode at any second. But he had been careful. He had shut the window, too, so no faint ripple of wind could sweep back the curtains, and allow in the moonlight.

“The precaution wasn’t for himself, of course. It was for Him. Just in case.”

Deep in the woods, the boy lives alone. Alone, that is, except for Him. A prisoner and a servant, the boy measures his life by the cycles of the moon, taking every precaution possible, knowing that one slip could mean the end. But when the boy discovers a secret deep in the woods, he uncovers the key to bringing down the entire, carefully constructed world around him. But will it mean the end for him, too?


Lucy Silver and the Gold Key Cover

Lucy Silver and the Gold Key

A magical key, a wicked witch, a missing fortune, and a quite troublesome adventure…

There are many dangers in the world, but mysterious keys are perhaps the greatest of all. For keys lead to locks, and locks lead to strange and wondrous things that are often better left alone. But when Lucy Silver finds a small gold key one morning, she takes it without a second thought, being a rather impetuous and fearless girl.

Frederick Holtwood, a good deal more practical, would perhaps have passed the key right on by, or else delivered it to the proper and respectable authorities. He certainly has no interest in befriending the spoiled and daring little girl that his father insists he be friendly to (her father is, after all, his father’s boss). But when a wicked witch begins hunting the children to get hold of the key, the two embark on an adventure that leads them through forests, to a princess and a king of thieves, to magic spells and curses, and ultimately, to secrets they never could have imagined.


I’ve also been reading some great books lately, and I hope to share some of those with you next week.  Happy reading!